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Veer Narmad University Youth  Festival

After getting selected for gtu  youth festival, my concerned literature faculty asked to go for an elocution competition at K.P commerce college for the concerned youth festival.

Dr Daxesh Thaker x-vice chanticleer for university was our chief guest. He did the inauguration ceremony   & initiated our competition.


Nirman valedictory

On this day i have another two events to perform.One was plan o cad in which i have to make a plan of a residential room according to FSI code and building bylaws. And other one was dragon ball in which we were given ping pong balls and in between two teams there were three tables and in middle table , glasses were put.and we have to throw balls in that glasses.

After this there was a valedictory function.

Reading room was well decorated by decoration committee.


Nirman 2017

14th September

Nirman was held at national level called kshitij .It had non technical and technical events.I took part in plan -o cad , xoisland , pipe pontoon , Dragon ball 

In morNing we attended x o island in which we were given one traffic problem on particular region and told to solve it.

Another one on that day was pipe pontoon in which we have to make bridge span from straws and pins , limitations was span length has to 40 cm.It was fun and new experience for us.

After that i had my dance practice for rise and up competition which was held on 15th September.

An election day

An election day

It was 8:30 in morning and CR and LR candidate of our class was Mahima and Rudraksh. They were already declared as cr and lr because no one was against to them.

After that GS election was held .As the result declared ,outside of our campus dhol Nagada were ready to made noise and gulal was all around in air.

All were dancing and singing and celebrating their victory. It was looking like sky was coloured red and pink.


Empathy Mapping

In this particular lecture, Our faculty explained us about what does it actually means i.e regarding empathy.

We were made to write 4 stories describing our views & the views of uses too related to our domain.

Empathy mapping, made us understood that these 4 stories two sad & two happy would make us realize what i& how it actually matters.



Now here comes the end, after so many rounds of auditions in all seven.& a lot of hard work, finally three students were selected.

Passing those 7 rounds was tough job, infarct I gave my whole & soul just to participate & represent my college at youth festival 2017.

Finally I was very happy that I could gt the opportunity & I could participate.



These auditions were continued everyday , as there were many of them to select among-st.

Now the next round was of elocution , in which i was selected.

The in charged faculty changed the topics regularly so he could test us.



Literature Auditions

I am personally very much interested for the elocution  , regarding whose auditions I opted.

We were priory given many topics  among which we had to prepare a speech & represent ourself

But the something new happened as there were no of participants, a group discussion wa held so that the creamed students could be filtered out.



There comes the most awaited occasion that is youth festival which has many  activities including drama, dance , music & many more.

For all the activities we were supposed to give auditions so that anyone could participate & represent the college.

Every category had their individual auditions assigned to different faculties.


Mind Mapping

In this sheet of  mind mapping we were supposed to create a sheet regarding that contained all the necessary things & observations which were taken for the summary sheet .

It had all the various ideas regarding the formation & development of the area.